Why do you offer admin services to nonprofits when you are primarily an RMS developer?

First, much of our work in RMS development intersects with our temporary administrative service and conveniently complements it. Records management systems are a key part of the overarching task of analyzing and optimizing administrative systems. They come about as an outcome of the need for a centralized system to perform administrative tasks. To do RMS development, we first must analyze all facets of a job and put a plan in place to streamline the administrative system that requires the RMS in the first place. This foundational step is the same work required of us for our temporary service for nonprofits. The difference with our nonprofit clients is this first step does not generally result in custom RMS development because there are already proficient and affordable applications on the market that meet the administrative needs of the back-end office. So, in implementing technology, we leverage and utilize existing technology from other vendors rather than doing custom development. Second, the experience that SowCo Develops has gained as a remote working environment for our own office operations has given us an excellent set of skills and tools to implement the same for our friends in the nonprofit sector. We choose to focus on nonprofits because we know the types of organizations that we desire to serve often do not have the skill set, the funds or the time to implement what they would like to utilize for a more efficient, cost-effective infrastructure with the most recent technology available. We would like to offer our service to these companies as a reasonable means to get them what they need with minimal capital or effort on their end. We want to help with the administration, so they may focus on their cause.