New OHR Deliverable Date

It’s official. We are taking a drastic move and will have a new deliverable date for OHR as a result.
Currently we are developing in MySQL and PHP, and we have made the decision to move to Ruby so that we may benefit from Rails and keep our company development team small.

In our current development using MySQL and PHP we were done with the backend database development and all of the data processing logic. Our final work focused on reports, and it is during this stage that we saw significant limitations that weren’t acceptable to our team for final deployment.
Implementing what we needed in our existing environment would take a tremendous amount of time given our current team, and this did not seem like a good option. Consequently, we began looking for other solutions that may help to deliver critical functions while still keeping our team small. After careful research and consideration, we decided on Rails.

So, the decision became not if we would migrate to Rails but when we would migrate. We had two options. Either we continue with development in the current environment, stick to our original September deliverable, sign up customers, then work to migrate after going live or we postpone the deliverable and get all migration done prior to going live. Now, we would have chosen the former option had our promotions gone as planned this year, but they didn’t due to cancellations because of COVID-19. As a result of these cancellations, we hadn’t spread the word to the masses as intended and therefore have decided on the latter option. If you are one of the few who did hear about OHR through our small, initial promotions and you are waiting for the completion of the rewrite, please stay with us! We will get there, it will just be a little longer.

If you work with us long enough, you will come to know that we nearly always choose short-term pain if it means significant gain and more stability long-term. Rails will give us more options, so many more that we just cannot pass up the opportunity. In addition to moving to Rails, we will also migrate to a new database provider. We are moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL because of improved data integrity and licensing for our needs.

Stay with us, and keep checking social media. As soon as we know more, we’ll post more.