I have been following SowCo Develops for some time now, and I don’t recall seeing your Budding Artist offering until recently. Is this a new service?

Yes, in 2023 we expanded our administrative service offering leveraging the multimedia strengths of two of our principal members, father and son, Shane and Scott Sowers. Shane is a published author and musician and established social media creator, and he has been in the industry since the dawn of the 1990s. Scott is an editorialist and has a passion for creating quality cinematic experiences on a shoe-string budget. Putting the budding artist arm of SowCo Develops in place alongside the company’s existing world-class management and administrative services presents a robust core for the budding artist and yields yet another diversified offering of SowCo Develops that is complementary to all of the company’s service lines. This new division of the company capitalizes on and lays hold of low-hanging fruit and matches it with services that the company provides, further diversifying SowCo Develops’ portfolio. Expeditiously, the budding artist line and multimedia branch of the company features studios for film, social-media, print, and music production, and artist publication, promotion, management, and distribution services.