About SowCo Develops supported browsers

We officially support versions of the following browsers from the past year on sowcodevelops.com:

Edge (https://microsoft.com/edge)
Safari (https://www.apple.com/safari)
Chrome (https://www.google.com/chrome)
Firefox (https://www.mozilla.org/firefox)

If you use sowcodevelops.com or any of our software on an older version of the above browsers, browsers not listed, or a browser extension which modifies your user agent, behavior may be sporadic or not as intended, or you may be unable to use SowCo Develops applications or sowcodevelops.com. In order to ensure the best possible SowCo Develops experience, including all the latest features and security updates, please make sure your browser and operating system are up-to-date.

Please note that compatible browsers are included with most operating systems:
Windows 10 - Edge
Android - Chrome
MacOS / iOS - Safari